Funding for Nordic researcher seminars, in the areas of child psychiatry and odontology

The Joint Committee of the Nordic Medical Research Councils (NOS-M) offers funding for Nordic researcher seminars in 2004-2005. The seminars are targeted to the research areas child psychiatry and odontology. The aim of the NOS-M seminars is to promote researcher training, especially on PhD level, Nordic networks integrating young and senior researchers and Nordic and international contacts. Each seminar consists of two meetings held during two subsequent years.

The seminars are targeted for both young and senior researchers offering PhD students possibilities to interact with senior scientists. The majority of participants should represent young researchers from all Nordic countries. The program should be balanced between lectures highlighting the forefront of the science, preferably by internationally recognised scientists and sessions or workshops where PhD students may present their work and discuss specific problems related to their research.

Nordic scientists are invited to send proposals to organise seminars targeted to promote researcher training and Nordic networks in child psychiatry and odontology. The funding offered per seminar (consisting of two meetings) is maximum 51 000 EUR .